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Biolap Solutions

  • Analysis +

    With our solutions you have limitless flexibility to analyse your data - viewing results according to any business parameter - entering "what Read More
  • Budgeting +

    Budgeting in most organisations represents an annual process. Budgets formulate in numbers the organisation's planned revenues and expenses for the Read More
  • Council Expenses Analysis +

    From 1 January 2011,  Councils in the UK are likely to be required to publish details of payments to suppliers over £500. Read More
  • Council Expenses Licenses +

    The information on BIOLAP Limited (‘BIOLAP’) ’s Council Expenses Dashboard is taken from many of sources and has a variety Read More
  • Forecasting +

    Once a budget has been established (see Budgeting), the next objective is to achieve or exceed budgeted results. Forecasts are Read More
  • Reporting +

    BIOLAP can help you create reports that you only dreamed were possible - using real-time data and the reporting tool of Read More
  • Solutions +

    We develop customized planning, analysis and reporting solutions, and create the connection between relational databases (including accounting systems) and Excel Read More
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