BIOLAP acts as a reseller of business intelligence software solutions. We also provide implementation and training services for these product ranges. 


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Flexible Business Intelligence Across Multiple Data Sources

arcplan plays a central role in enabling our clients to understand and improve their business performance through better decisions and process improvements. arcplan’s software suite enables businesses to improve decision-making by providing thorough visibility into corporate data regardless of where it resides. arcplan is most often deployed to improve management processes such as budgeting, planning and forecasting; financial controlling, consolidation and reporting; sales and marketing management or HR and workforce management with proven bottom line benefits.

arcplan products enable you to deploy business intelligence and analysis applications that meet all of your organizational needs. Its open approach to data connectivity provides direct access to more than 20 data sources in their native environments. arcplan does not require you to extract your data and aggregate content into a proprietary data source. Instead, arcplan products connect directly to numerous relational and multidimensional data sources, like SAP BW, SAP R/3, Oracle, Oracle (Hyperion) Essbase, Oracle (Hyperion) Enterprise, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, PowerOLAP and other prominent databases.



arcplan software provides the broadest capabilities and greatest flexibility so that IT can truly minimize the dependency on multiple vendors while delivering to the needs of the business community through the following products:


arcplan_enterprise_80pxarcplan Enterprise

 arcplan Enterprise® is a business intelligence reporting and analytics platform. Customers agree that it is the most flexible software available for the rapid creation of custom BI applications like reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analyses, forecasts, etc. With arcplan Enterprise, you deliver actionable, contextual knowledge to decision-makers at every level so that you have the intelligence to understand and change how you operate.

arcplan Enterprise Architecture Overview

Scalable analytics - the foundation for better business performance - often requires an architecture for analyzing multiple data stores simultaneously and delivering the right analysis to the right audience in the right time. arcplan's three-tier architecture is designed to ensure success for even the most robust environments.

The core components of the arcplan Enterprise architecture are:

  • arcplan Application Server - This Windows or Unix server provides consistent, centralized analytics for any user, over the web and in real time. It's available as a 32 bit and 64 bit installation
  • Data Sources - arcplan communication interfaces provide two-way access to a wide variety of data sources such as ERP, relational databases, OLAP, etc. As write-back is a standard for arcplan interfaces, organizations can create applications that take action, not just monitor.
  • Web Services / SOA - arcplan Enterprise is fully SOA-enabled, providing comprehensive web services support for any arcplan analysis. Provider and consumer support for these web services means that arcplan results fit flexibly within your environment. 
  • arcplan Application Designer - arcplan's development frontend for flexible BI solutions enables organizations to create customized applications through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Any number of charts, graphs, tables, text, and graphics can be combined, creating a unique look and feel for each application.
  • Administration Console - IT professionals use the built-in Administration Console to store and manage developed applications. The centralized management eases application distribution and extensions.


dashboard1Click on the image on the left to access an interactive arcplan dashboard application (please note that installation of Java JRE is required. (download the latest free version of Java JRE)



arcplan7arcplan Version 7 now also offers enhanced charting capabilities to enable users to create stunning visualisations of data. Click on the image on the right to see the new chart types in action:

  • Column & Bar
  • Line & Point
  • Pie & Donut
  •  Area
  • Portfolio & Bubble
  • Radar & Spider
  • Speedometers
  • Bullet
  • Waterfall
  • Histograms
  • Candlestick
  • Box Plot
  • Pareto & Gantt
  • Sparklines

councilexpensesBIOLAP has also developed a free application for UK Councils to report payments over £500. Read more and try out the applicationead more and try out the application.






arcplan_excel_analytics_80pxarcplan Excel Analytics

arcplan Excel Analytics extends the value of arcplan Enterprise deployments, providing ad-hoc analysis capabilities across multiple data sources in a familiar Microsoft Office environment. Easily scalable across the enterprise, aEA empowers users to further analyse corporate data and write back to the original data sources as needed, while maintaining the security and centralised control demanded by IT.

arcplan dashboardCommon to all arcplan products is the value provided to customers, both at the end-user and IT level:

  • Integrate and interact with a multitude of heterogeneous systems within their native environments.
  • Unparalleled ability to deliver and go beyond the limitations of other tools, particularly when faced with computationally and analytically complex requirements
  • Flexibility to deliver on the exacting and evolving needs of end users, from the executive suite to line-level employees.
  • Scalability through an SOA architecture and component-based assembly for the analytic layer.
  • Bi-directional (read and write) communication with the data.
  • Real-time analytic processing to support the data needs of both the finance and operational teams.


arcplan_edge_80pxarcplan Edge

arcplan's enterprise budgeting, planning, and forecasting platform that combines powerful and centralised Excel templates with web-based reporting, dashboards, and workflow.  arcplan Edge offers an intuitive, familiar interface for those responsible for the budgeting process, while automating the typically time and labour intensive budget consolidation process.

  • Streamline planning cycles and improve the accuracy of forecasting and reporting across your entire organisation.
  • Address the complexities of your business while allowing different stakeholders to work in familiar web-based and Excel environments.
  • Experience built-in functionality for workflow, scorecards, reports, spreading and allocation, integrated supporting detail, commentary, user management, entity management, and historical comparisons.


rtemagicc_arcplan_engage_80px_png arcplan Engage

The latest addition to the arcplan product suite allows information consumers to fully participate in corporate decision-making. arcplan's next-generation BI application combines traditional BI with proven Web 2.0 communication and knowledge sharing functions, serving the growing space of Collaborative Business Intelligence.

arcplan Engage - formerly known as Project Vega - allows users to tap the wealth of information available in their organization with simple-to-use search functions and lets them access, comment, rate and share their findings on BI analytics, dashboards and other context-relevant information made available within the company's IT systems. Users have been self-trained to use Web 2.0 functionality from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and can immediately start using these new modes of communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing within the enterprise using arcplan Engage.


Why not register today for a free 30 day trial of acrplan Enterprise? Also download free resources such as white papers and success stories, or take advantage of our free online webinars to get you started, or contact us for more information about software pricing or about our arcplan based solutions, or call us on +44 (01952) 456-453 or +44 (07785) 766-829

Microsoft BI

BIOLAP is an authorised reseller and implimenter of Microsoft's BI solutions:



Leverage the familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Office environment for rapid adoption

Our business intelligence solutions are built on the tools where you already spend your workday – within Microsoft Office applications like Excel and Outlook.

Because you can rely on the same intuitive interface you already know, there is less time needed for training, and you are able to adopt the new systems more quickly and easily, keeping costs down.


Collaborate seamlessly with SharePoint Server.

SharePoint Server provides all the tools your teams need to work together effectively, by allowing them to collaborate on and publish documents, implement workflows, and share critical information.


Integrate and store high-volumes of data securely with SQL Server.

SQL Server brings together all your data into a powerful, scalable, enterprise-ready engine that can store massive amounts of data and support high query loads and clustering. Our solutions typically involve all or some of the SQL Server components:

Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services provides a scalable enterprise data integration platform with exceptional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and integration capabilities, enabling organizations to more easily manage data from a wide array of data source.

Analysis Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services allows you to build enterprise-scale Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions. The Unified Dimensional Model consolidates data access and provides a wide range of analytical capabilities, while deep integration with the Microsoft Office system and an open, embeddable architecture allows you to reach every user with familiar tools and drives actionable insight to users across the enterprise. Analysis Services delivers value through scalability, advanced analytics, and Microsoft Office interoperability.

Reporting Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services provides a complete, server-based platform designed to support a wide variety of reporting needs enabling organizations to deliver relevant information where needed across the entire enterprise.


Please contact us for more information about software pricing or about our Microsoft BI based solutions or call us on +44 (01952) 456-453 or +44 (07785) 766-829




PowerOLAP® is a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution.  Unique to other products on the market, PowerOLAP maintains a dynamic connection to your underlying data source system to provide instant real-time answers to your business questions. 

PowerOLAP can work with the front-end of your choice, be it Excel spreadsheets, arcplan, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, Google, or a Web browser.  PowerOLAP dynamically integrates your relational database and an optimized multidimensional database for a faster, more powerful, more flexible single application.  PowerOLAP will empower the people who work in your organization with speed, efficiency, and agility. It will expand your company’s potential with instant answers to business questions and evolve your business through knowledge, analytics, growth and stunning ROI. 

PowerOLAP is available as a standalone client (a designer client) or as a client connected to a PowerOLAP Server. PowerOLAP can integrate data provided by any data source that is ODBC compliant including Microsoft SQL Server and SAP® Solutions

Contact Us today to discuss your PowerOLAP solution or to download the Free PowerOLAP Trial. 


PowerOLAP Version 11.0  

v9logo-smallPowerOLAP Version 11 delivers performance in a more compact and efficient database to speedily deliver the information you need. A major highlight of this release is the addition of POWeb, an exciting new development that delivers one-click publishing of a dynamic spreadsheet, so zero-footprint Internet users can connect from anywhere.


Click here to read about the new and improved features



Benefits of PowerOLAP

Better Decision-Making and Increased Productivity

PowerOLAP is an enterprise-wide information system designed to connect people in your organization to the data they require to make better decisions.

Because PowerOLAP delivers your company's latest data directly into Excel, or the front end of your choice, productivity is dramatically increased and staff can spend more time on advanced analysis and less time on retrieving data and maintaining spreadsheets.

Reach Data Anywhere

Data can be drawn from any source, relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server or Analysis Services OLAP cubes, as well as other OLAP sources.

This compatibility enables you to leverage PowerOLAP's high-performing engine even while you work with existing database systems.

Powerful Business Benefits

Accessible company information through Excel or the web, connecting live to all organization data, including data in Microsoft’s OLAP cubes.

Faster budgeting cycles, dynamic report building, and advanced analytics through “multidimensional” views of your company’s business structure and performance. Timely and accurate data available across your organization, synchronized and delivered in real-time to the right people.

Rapid ROI with little training required and significant reduction in current task time and effort achieving great increases in staff productivity.

Open and flexible software architecture which adapts to all your business needs in every department including Finance, Sales, Inventory, HR, etc.


Special Offer

  • To get you started, why not register today and download the Free PowerOLAP Trial and to take advantage of our free online webinars.
  • Alternatively, please contact us to take advantage of a Free 10-user SME system for 12 Months.

- or -

  • Receive a fully functional PowerOLAP SME Designer Client License * worth £900 for free if you engage BIOLAP for 1 day’s consulting. The day includes hands-on user training including building a cube application and creation of reports to start you off on this exciting multi-dimensional journey.

* PowerOLAP Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition accommodates 1 PowerOLAP database at a time, each containing 5 cubes, consisting of 10 dimensions and 10,000 members per dimension and includes OLAPExchange allowing a user to load and update data from ODBC compliant data sources.  This offer is only available to new customers and is limited to 1 license per company.

PowerOLAP Version 11.0


PowerOLAP Version 11 features POWeb, an exciting new development that delivers one-click publishing of a dynamic spreadsheet, so zero-footprint Internet users can connect from anywhere. And there’s much more - performance enhancements within PowerOLAP models and for multi-user solutions, as well as additional features that allow more user control directly from Excel, such as an optimized bulk OLAP Paste function and a way to view an entire range of PowerOLAP formula logic from spreadsheet cells. In sum, V11 provides more of what you expect from the best, fastest, most accessible  “Excel-Friendly” solution available for your planning, analysis and reporting requirements!


PowerOLAP  version 11 Features & Benefits


Greater Power and  User Control continues to be a priority in the development of PowerOLAP® with the objective to making PowerOLAP® meeting the highest performance expectations .

Version 11.0 features PowerOLAP Web!
PowerOLAP® Web is an instant and simple way to publish Excel reports to the Web. Live POWeb reports dynamically connect to PowerOLAP® —just as Excel does—providing no-footprint planning, analysis and reporting. With POWeb you can update budgets and forecasts, and convert xls to pdf online.



Speed up your planning, reporting and analysis results via the following performance enhancements:

Save Cache and Save Dependencies
Benefit: Great time-savings upon opening a PowerOLAP Server database

Client - Server Bandwidth Optimizations
Benefit: Faster Client-Server communication performance

Improved Cueing
Benefit: Faster return to real-time work, even while other users’ activities are taking place

Enhanced User-Proofing
Benefit: Ensure program up-time by preventing user actions that disrupt/end processes


powerolap v11 techspecs small

PowerOLAP® Version 11.0 also gives greater control over user-driven processes

Execute PowerOLAP® Jobs and Scheduler tasks directly from Excel
Benefit: Manage your solution from the interface you use most often—your spreadsheet

View Formulas from Excel
Benefit: Quickly analyze all PowerOLAP formulas driving data results in Excel

Rename Member (Alias, Properties) Function
Benefit: Rapidly—with a few keystrokes—remake a model so that it precisely defines your needs

OLAPPaste Enablement for Bulk Paste Processing
Benefit: See fast results for data copied/pasted into a worksheet connected to PowerOLAP®

Cancel CALC Feature
Benefit: Faster return to real-time work in Excel, while a background calc is taking place


PowerOLAP® Version 11.0 has added further Server capabilities, to manage muliti-user solutions more efficiently

  • User-Specific Monitoring
  • User-Specific and Database-Specific Calc Canceling
  • Auto Restore of Data
  • User Interface Controls for Change Ports for Web Server & TCPIP and Debug Log Enablement


PowerOLAP® Version 11.0's  Synchronization Server component now utilises SQL Server as the database storage mechanism—leveraging the RDBS environment for Load Balancing and Redundancy capabilities as well.


Click here to read about the other important features

Seeing is Believing
We know once you see PowerOLAP in action, you’ll wonder why you didn’t engage us sooner. Our clients consistently tell us we deliver a cost effective, stable, fast and effective single platform that supports their organizational reportingbudgeting, planningforecasting, consolidation and analytics requirements, with real-time data. Average implementations can be done in weeks, not months.


Special Offer


  • To get you started, why not register today and download a Free 30 Day Trial of PowerOLAP V11 and to take advantage of our free online webinars.
  • Alternatively, please contact us to take advantage of a Free 10-user SME system for 12 Months.

- or -

  • Receive a fully functional PowerOLAP SME Designer Client License * worth £900 for free if you engage BIOLAP for 1 day’s consulting. The day includes hands-on user training including building a cube application and creation of reports to start you off on this exciting multi-dimensional journey.

* PowerOLAP Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition accommodates 1 PowerOLAP database at a time, each containing 5 cubes, consisting of 10 dimensions and 10,000 members per dimension and includes OLAPExchange allowing a user to load and update data from ODBC compliant data sources.  This offer is only available to new customers and is limited to 1 license per company.



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