PowerOLAP Version 11 features POWeb, an exciting new development that delivers one-click publishing of a dynamic spreadsheet, so zero-footprint Internet users can connect from anywhere. And there’s much more - performance enhancements within PowerOLAP models and for multi-user solutions, as well as additional features that allow more user control directly from Excel, such as an optimized bulk OLAP Paste function and a way to view an entire range of PowerOLAP formula logic from spreadsheet cells. In sum, V11 provides more of what you expect from the best, fastest, most accessible  “Excel-Friendly” solution available for your planning, analysis and reporting requirements!


PowerOLAP  version 11 Features & Benefits


Greater Power and  User Control continues to be a priority in the development of PowerOLAP® with the objective to making PowerOLAP® meeting the highest performance expectations .

Version 11.0 features PowerOLAP Web!
PowerOLAP® Web is an instant and simple way to publish Excel reports to the Web. Live POWeb reports dynamically connect to PowerOLAP® —just as Excel does—providing no-footprint planning, analysis and reporting. With POWeb you can update budgets and forecasts, and convert xls to pdf online.



Speed up your planning, reporting and analysis results via the following performance enhancements:

Save Cache and Save Dependencies
Benefit: Great time-savings upon opening a PowerOLAP Server database

Client - Server Bandwidth Optimizations
Benefit: Faster Client-Server communication performance

Improved Cueing
Benefit: Faster return to real-time work, even while other users’ activities are taking place

Enhanced User-Proofing
Benefit: Ensure program up-time by preventing user actions that disrupt/end processes


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PowerOLAP® Version 11.0 also gives greater control over user-driven processes

Execute PowerOLAP® Jobs and Scheduler tasks directly from Excel
Benefit: Manage your solution from the interface you use most often—your spreadsheet

View Formulas from Excel
Benefit: Quickly analyze all PowerOLAP formulas driving data results in Excel

Rename Member (Alias, Properties) Function
Benefit: Rapidly—with a few keystrokes—remake a model so that it precisely defines your needs

OLAPPaste Enablement for Bulk Paste Processing
Benefit: See fast results for data copied/pasted into a worksheet connected to PowerOLAP®

Cancel CALC Feature
Benefit: Faster return to real-time work in Excel, while a background calc is taking place


PowerOLAP® Version 11.0 has added further Server capabilities, to manage muliti-user solutions more efficiently

  • User-Specific Monitoring
  • User-Specific and Database-Specific Calc Canceling
  • Auto Restore of Data
  • User Interface Controls for Change Ports for Web Server & TCPIP and Debug Log Enablement


PowerOLAP® Version 11.0's  Synchronization Server component now utilises SQL Server as the database storage mechanism—leveraging the RDBS environment for Load Balancing and Redundancy capabilities as well.


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Seeing is Believing
We know once you see PowerOLAP in action, you’ll wonder why you didn’t engage us sooner. Our clients consistently tell us we deliver a cost effective, stable, fast and effective single platform that supports their organizational reportingbudgeting, planningforecasting, consolidation and analytics requirements, with real-time data. Average implementations can be done in weeks, not months.


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  • To get you started, why not register today and download a Free 30 Day Trial of PowerOLAP V11 and to take advantage of our free online webinars.
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  • Receive a fully functional PowerOLAP SME Designer Client License * worth £900 for free if you engage BIOLAP for 1 day’s consulting. The day includes hands-on user training including building a cube application and creation of reports to start you off on this exciting multi-dimensional journey.

* PowerOLAP Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition accommodates 1 PowerOLAP database at a time, each containing 5 cubes, consisting of 10 dimensions and 10,000 members per dimension and includes OLAPExchange allowing a user to load and update data from ODBC compliant data sources.  This offer is only available to new customers and is limited to 1 license per company.



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