OLAP Web Services Internet HTTP and XML enabled

PowerOLAP Web Services is HTTP and XML enabled, providing internet connectivity through a customizable web browser. Your staff and/or customers can now create unlimited reports and analytical views (including graphs) of data made available to them. Web Services also allows clients to enter figures into PowerOLAP cubes from wherever they can make an Internet connection. PowerOLAP Web Services is truly a means to extend a company's "real-time reach" to virtually anywhere with broadband or any other means of internet connectivity.

Connectivity via Web Services extends PowerOLAP's Internet integration strategy enabling end users to analyse, report, budget and forecast using up-to-the-instant data. By opening up advanced modeling to users who need only a Web browser connection, companies empower users/staff or customers to "slice and dice" and create advanced reports on data made available to them. Plus, Web Services includes a Chart View feature, an eminently flexible graphical report writer. Furthermore, Web Services allows privileged users to enter updated figures, leveraging PowerOLAP across the Internet for remote reporting, budgeting - even for "what if" modeling. All of PowerOLAP's strict security privileges remain in effect, ensuring users can see or model only that data to which they are given access.

Meet Leonardo - Delivering the convenience of PowerOLAP anywhere

  • Leonardo®, PowerOLAP's Web-empowered Excel client, allows users to access fully-functional PowerOLAP databases anywhere, any time.
  • Leonardo provides widespread deployment of a PowerOLAP solution to multiple, dispersed locations across the Web. The same familiar Excel environment, coupled with the muscle of PowerOLAP's full capabilities, gives all users freedom and flexibility to use this analytical engine simply and at their own convenience.
  • A very thin web-empowered Client auto-installs Leonardo on a user's machine, rather than requiring a full installation of PowerOLAP Client on each and every workstation.


Internet Portal (HTTP & XML)

PowerOLAP's server is HTTP and XML enabled. Building professional web front-end reports that are viewable in an Internet browser from anywhere makes real-time, dynamic "What if" analysis and reporting a reality.

Communication with the server through XML is bi-directional - retrieve and enter your data in your browser - no need for a thin client!

Internet Data Services (IDS) and IDS Web Server

IDS allows for the widespread deployment of a PowerOLAP solution to multiple, dispersed locations across the Web. The interface provides easy access to PowerOLAP data via a standard browser, taking advantage of PowerOLAP being an HTTP Server. To access the feature, users simply launch a browser and enter the Name or IP Address of the Machine running the PowerOLAP MDB Server. This access is even available via popular 3G devices such as Apple's iPhone allowing users to view their data while on the go!

To try out an interactive example of IDS, click here (Please note that we endeavour to keep our demonstration server available 24/7. However, in the event that the server is not running for any reason, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will restart the service). Not only can you select different regions and versions, but you can also change data and see the result with zero software footprint!

IDS supports the synchronization of databases over the internet. This includes all data modifications made on either end of the connection. PowerOLAP data with IDS also integrates easily with Excel's PivotTable functionality - a favourite of many Excel users.

The PowerOLAP analytical engine with the muscle of the new IDS, gives users freedom and flexibility to use data at their convenience anytime, anywhere.

IDS can be used in any combination for the following:

  • Distributed calculation processing between multiple machines
  • Perform "what-if" scenarios without impacting the performance of other users
  • Distribute metadata changes to remote databases
  • Accumulate metadata changes made by remote users
  • Synchronise fact data changes between cubes with different dimensionality.


Web Reporting using PowerOLAP and other Third Party Solutions

PowerOLAP can be used in conjunction with other Third Party products to deliver a wide variety of web-based reporting and dashboarding solutions.


arcplan Enterprise®

images_products_enterprise_splashscreen20ae65sarcplan Enterprise®, highly rated by influential reviews such as Gartner and Magic Quadrant for its out-of-the-box flexibility, BI-focused corporate performance management (CPM), integration capability and low cost of ownership, deploys business intelligence and analysis applications that meet all of your organisational needs linked directly to your data held in PowerOLAP. 

arcplan Enterprise® is the ideal solution platform for building scalable, non-compromising BI and process-driven analytics applications for your organisation.

usingpoOnce developed, arcplan-based business solutions are easy to deploy and to administer via the arcplan Enterprise Server and retrieved using arcplan client interfaces, available in Java and .NET. This common interface ensures consistent data delivery and dissemination of knowledge to all employees throughout your enterprise. In addition, web services end points expose arcplan analyses for re-use by other applications and analytical tools. Click on the  image on the right to access an interactive arcplan application linked to PowerOLAP allowing you to update budget numbers and assumptions and see the impact immediately (Please note that Java JREneeds to be installed on your machine). 



Cubeware Cockpit V6pro

963448a4b9Cubeware Cockpit links seemlessly with PowerOLAP to deliver an intuitive front end for Windows and the Web.

Cubeware Cockpit brings the power of PowerOLAP to the desktops of business users. Build powerful yet intuitive management cockpits that offer cross-report and cross-cube analysis with context-sensitive links to reports and folders. Integrate into Web sites, text files, images and applications using parameters. Deliver multilanguage reporting environments to support your international business, and much, much more!

2643659ebeYou can access the full functionality of PowerOLAP with Cubeware Cockpit including all data, reports and analyses at any time through the Web. Roll out global Business Intelligence solutions quickly by integrating the multilanguage reporting environment into your corporate portal or Intranet.

Cubeware Web Cockpit is available in English and German and automatically complies with the current Web browser language settings. Simply install Cubeware Web Enabler (the actual application component) on your Web server and you can run Cockpit on any computer – with no further software installation necessary!


SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

income statement dashboardUnlike other data visualization software that provides static charts and difficult-to-integrate dashboards, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (formerly Xcelsius Engage) software enables a decision maker or business user to interact with PowerOLAP in a visual format that provides additional insight. With SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software, you can:

Create dashboards –SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software gives you the power to transform complex data into a comprehensive dashboard. Create interactive dashboards from PowerOLAP driven Microsoft Excel reports as a live data source, and export your dashboard to a familiar format – Microsoft Office, Flash (SWF) files, Adobe PDF, and more for a zero footprint solution.

balance sheet dashboardConnect to multiple live data sources to make real-time decisions – SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Server software expands the benefits of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, with a Web services generator that makes connecting simple. Plus, integration kits are included for the applications you use everyday, so you get the most from your existing IT environment

Create visually stunning and interactive presentations – SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software provides a powerful presentation tool that bridges the gap between spreadsheets and the need for visual, interactive presentations. Bring PowerOLAP driven Microsoft Excel spreadsheets further to life with interactive charts and what-if scenarios – no training or programming is required

Click here to see an interactive SAP Crystal Dashboard Design demonstration working with PowerOLAP!


PowerOLAP® Web

powerolapwebView and Deploy Excel Reports and Dashboards as Interactive Web Pages. Now you can create real-time Web reports that support the Excel functions, formatting, and graphic capabilities that you use every day. With just a Web browser, you can get secure, fast, live access to your reporting, analysis, budget, planning and forecasting applications developed with PowerOLAP.

PowerOLAP Web provides true thin client, zero footprint delivery of reports with interactive data that you create in Excel. PowerOLAP dynamically connects your back-end databases to an Excel or web interface providing you with the business intelligence you need in a single, cost-affordable platform.

With PowerOLAP® Web, you can:

  • Publish your reports as dynamic Web pages
  • Share reports and dashboards across the organization to anyone with permission and a web browser
  • Have best-in-class Web access to your reports with zero footprint
  • Write back data from reports to PowerOLAP databases

Simply create a report the way you want it to appear, then save it. When you open the file on the Web server it converts xls to html instantly, maintaining all of your calculations and the connectivity to your source data through PowerOLAP®. From the Web page you can view thousands of different reports from a single view, update budgets and plans, print reports, and even convert xls to pdf online



Special Offers


  • To get you started, why not register today and download a Free 30 Day Trial of PowerOLAP V11 and to take advantage of our free online webinars.
  • Alternatively, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to take advantage of a Free 10-user SME system for 12 Months.

- or -

  • Receive a fully functional PowerOLAP SME Designer Client License * worth £900 for free if you engage BIOLAP for 1 day’s consulting. The day includes hands-on user training including building a cube application and creation of reports to start you off on this exciting multi-dimensional journey.        

* PowerOLAP Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition accommodates 1 PowerOLAP database at a time, each containing 5 cubes, consisting of 10 dimensions and 10,000 members per dimension and includes OLAPExchange allowing a user to load and update data from ODBC compliant data sources.  This offer is only available to new customers and is limited to 1 license per company.