BIOLAP is an authorised reseller and implimenter of Microsoft's BI solutions:



Leverage the familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Office environment for rapid adoption

Our business intelligence solutions are built on the tools where you already spend your workday – within Microsoft Office applications like Excel and Outlook.

Because you can rely on the same intuitive interface you already know, there is less time needed for training, and you are able to adopt the new systems more quickly and easily, keeping costs down.


Collaborate seamlessly with SharePoint Server.

SharePoint Server provides all the tools your teams need to work together effectively, by allowing them to collaborate on and publish documents, implement workflows, and share critical information.


Integrate and store high-volumes of data securely with SQL Server.

SQL Server brings together all your data into a powerful, scalable, enterprise-ready engine that can store massive amounts of data and support high query loads and clustering. Our solutions typically involve all or some of the SQL Server components:

Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services provides a scalable enterprise data integration platform with exceptional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and integration capabilities, enabling organizations to more easily manage data from a wide array of data source.

Analysis Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services allows you to build enterprise-scale Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions. The Unified Dimensional Model consolidates data access and provides a wide range of analytical capabilities, while deep integration with the Microsoft Office system and an open, embeddable architecture allows you to reach every user with familiar tools and drives actionable insight to users across the enterprise. Analysis Services delivers value through scalability, advanced analytics, and Microsoft Office interoperability.

Reporting Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services provides a complete, server-based platform designed to support a wide variety of reporting needs enabling organizations to deliver relevant information where needed across the entire enterprise.


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