PowerOLAP® is a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution.  Unique to other products on the market, PowerOLAP maintains a dynamic connection to your underlying data source system to provide instant real-time answers to your business questions. 

PowerOLAP can work with the front-end of your choice, be it Excel spreadsheets, arcplan, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, Google, or a Web browser.  PowerOLAP dynamically integrates your relational database and an optimized multidimensional database for a faster, more powerful, more flexible single application.  PowerOLAP will empower the people who work in your organization with speed, efficiency, and agility. It will expand your company’s potential with instant answers to business questions and evolve your business through knowledge, analytics, growth and stunning ROI. 

PowerOLAP is available as a standalone client (a designer client) or as a client connected to a PowerOLAP Server. PowerOLAP can integrate data provided by any data source that is ODBC compliant including Microsoft SQL Server and SAP® Solutions

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PowerOLAP Version 11.0  

v9logo-smallPowerOLAP Version 11 delivers performance in a more compact and efficient database to speedily deliver the information you need. A major highlight of this release is the addition of POWeb, an exciting new development that delivers one-click publishing of a dynamic spreadsheet, so zero-footprint Internet users can connect from anywhere.


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Benefits of PowerOLAP

Better Decision-Making and Increased Productivity

PowerOLAP is an enterprise-wide information system designed to connect people in your organization to the data they require to make better decisions.

Because PowerOLAP delivers your company's latest data directly into Excel, or the front end of your choice, productivity is dramatically increased and staff can spend more time on advanced analysis and less time on retrieving data and maintaining spreadsheets.

Reach Data Anywhere

Data can be drawn from any source, relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server or Analysis Services OLAP cubes, as well as other OLAP sources.

This compatibility enables you to leverage PowerOLAP's high-performing engine even while you work with existing database systems.

Powerful Business Benefits

Accessible company information through Excel or the web, connecting live to all organization data, including data in Microsoft’s OLAP cubes.

Faster budgeting cycles, dynamic report building, and advanced analytics through “multidimensional” views of your company’s business structure and performance. Timely and accurate data available across your organization, synchronized and delivered in real-time to the right people.

Rapid ROI with little training required and significant reduction in current task time and effort achieving great increases in staff productivity.

Open and flexible software architecture which adapts to all your business needs in every department including Finance, Sales, Inventory, HR, etc.


Special Offer

  • To get you started, why not register today and download the Free PowerOLAP Trial and to take advantage of our free online webinars.
  • Alternatively, please contact us to take advantage of a Free 10-user SME system for 12 Months.

- or -

  • Receive a fully functional PowerOLAP SME Designer Client License * worth £900 for free if you engage BIOLAP for 1 day’s consulting. The day includes hands-on user training including building a cube application and creation of reports to start you off on this exciting multi-dimensional journey.

* PowerOLAP Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition accommodates 1 PowerOLAP database at a time, each containing 5 cubes, consisting of 10 dimensions and 10,000 members per dimension and includes OLAPExchange allowing a user to load and update data from ODBC compliant data sources.  This offer is only available to new customers and is limited to 1 license per company.

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