Simple, Affordable, and Open BI Tools for Everyday Use

SAP Crystal solutions deliver an affordable, open, self-service approach to entry-level business intelligence (BI) – empowering your business users to explore, view, report, visualize, and manage actionable information in an intuitive, secure way. With insight into every aspect of your business, you can monitor performance, identify opportunities for growth, and transform how you run your business.

SAP Crystal solutions can help your business users, IT users, and developers do the following:

  • Turn data into actionable reports using SAP Crystal Reports software
  • Discover answers to business questions using SAP Crystal Interactive Analysis software
  • Drive better decision making with interactive presentations using SAP Crystal Presentation Design software
  • Monitor business performance through real-time business dashboards using SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software
  • Rely on automatic delivery of personalized, secured dashboards and reports with SAP Crystal Server software

With SAP Crystal solutions, everyone in your organization can leverage a personalized view into trusted, timely, information. As a result, they can make fast, smart decisions – and you gain a competitive edge.

Get the latest SAP Crystal solutions

Affordable business intelligence (BI) enabling you to balance information security with end user self-serve access. The new semantic layer makes it easy for users to access and author BI content for fast, informed decisions reducing the pressure on IT for answers.

Give your users rich reporting, real-time dashboards and data exploration so they can make informed decisions.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (formerly Xcelsius Engage) provides an easy introduction to dashboarding functionality. In just a few hours, you can create business dashboards and data presentations from spreadsheets and corporate databases – and share them live through Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and the Web. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design provides end users with access to up-to-the-minute company data in a simple and actionable interface.

Product Benefits

With SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, you can:

  • Obtain better insight into your business performance
  • Build professional-looking dashboards in just a few hours
  • Gain the confidence to take action by evaluating different what-if scenarios
  • Transform complex company data into simple, actionable visual information
  • Engage, inform, and persuade your audience with stunning visualization

Consider the features and functions of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design and view the interactive demos.


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Point-and-click ease – An intuitive interface, including pre-built components and data connectors, enables you to create dashboards connected to live company data in days instead of months.


Flexible design capabilities – Using various visual analytics, themes, colours, and fonts, you can easily customize the look and feel of your dashboards to fit your corporate standards.


Built-in quick start guides – Start creating interactive dashboards right away by taking advantage of the built-in quick start guides and user samples.

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Software development kit – Leverage Adobe Flex to create your own custom visualization components, themes, and data connectors for use with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design.



Live data connectivity – SAP Crystal Dashboard Design dashboards connect to your company's XML-compliant databases and SOAP-based Web services ensuring up-to-minute information, whenever and wherever you view them.


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Visual modeling – Visual sliders on the screen allow end users to quickly evaluate multiple business scenarios by altering the underlying assumptions, and immediately see the impact on the results. View demo.


Drilldown charts and maps – Summarize rows of data in easy-to-understand charts and maps and provide report-level details with the click of a button. View demo.


Dynamic menus and selectors – Take advantage of a large selection of dynamic menus to display a large amount of data clearly and concisely. View demo.


Stunning presentation – A comprehensive library of eye-catching visualization components allows you to deliver complex company data in easy-to-understand business dashboards. View demo.


Export to Adobe Acrobat 9 – Easily embed, resize, and maneuver your SAP Crystal Dashboard Design models inside PDF documents by taking advantage of the new Flash content support features in Adobe Acrobat 9.


Export to Adobe AIR – Expand the reach and use of your business data by delivering them as part of easy-to-use desktop applications and widgets.



Improved Crystal Reports integration – Create interactive charts and what-if scenario models for your reports and easily bind them to your report data with a click of a button - no manual coding required. View demo.


Platform independence – Xcelsius visual models can be exported with just one click to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Adobe PDF, Adobe Flash and the Web. View demo.

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