Builds data warehouses, fast

WhereScape RED unites source system exploration, ELT, dimensional and normal-form target schema design, and dependent cube-building construction with an integrated operations and management environment and a metadata repository, allowing small teams of data warehousing professionals to implement data warehouses using agile methodologies, practicing iterative-build-and-test disciplines and involving key end-users in the build process. All build-and-operate metadata is customizable, rewritable and stored in a central, managed and versioned repository, bringing application programming discipline, tool integration and automated documentation generation to data warehouse build projects.

WhereScape RED can be driven by WhereScape 3D, or used as a stand-alone Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in environments with advanced BI planning models.

Whether a team is focused on an enterprise data warehouse, a standalone data mart, a tier of reporting services, or the renovation or migration of an existing warehouse or mart, WhereScape RED provides an integrated, cost-effective alternative to complex and expensive do-it-yourself development environments, with team development support, and project-level control, at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. products:


WhereScape Red

  • Automates the entire data warehousing life cycle, from design, through implementation, operation and renovation. WhereScape Red provides ELT facilities, and is the market’s first and best IDE for the data warehouse build process, end to end.
  • Supports agile as well as traditional project approaches, including Live Prototyping™ -- rapid prototyped and fully functional data warehouses in hours, for user reviews and feasibility testing
  • Generates code automatically, with complete editing freedom post-generation
  • Provides industry best practices out-of-the-box, including generation of surrogate keys, time dimensions, and target indices.
  • Delivers full extraction, load and transformation (ELT) facilities, with integrated dependency management and scheduling  Is based on a team-aware metadata repository for all code, audit and workflow components, with full versioning, code promotion, impact analysis tools (trackback and track-forward features), metadata search and automated documentation production.   




WhereScape RED extracts data from database links, flat files, XML, and any ODBC compliant data source including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, Sybase, Informix, Progress, postGres and mySQL.

WhereScape RED builds data warehouses in the major merchant DBMS data warehousing platforms - Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Teradata - as well as providing automatic generation of Microsoft SSIS packages, and Analysis Services cubes.

Ultimately, WhereScape RED’s integration, speed and effectiveness enables data warehousing teams to produce data warehouses and marts that deliver value quicker, remain relevant to business users longer, and can be enhanced and modified nearly instantaneously -- data warehouses right, now.

If you don’t believe our claim that WhereScape RED can radically reduce the time and complexity associated with building a data warehouse, we encourage you to take our 24 Hour Challenge. Send us your working data, and we will send you back a working data warehouse prototype, ready to be loaded in your DBMS environment, complete with documentation, in a day or less.

Or sign up for an online walk-through of WhereScape RED with one of our working consultants - you can see the product in action, and talk through your specific needs, at the same time.

If you’re interested in understanding the details of how RED is implemented, and how it works, you can read the product brochure, the product data sheet, or the architecture overview, or just download a working copy of WhereScape RED and take it for a spin.

If you’d like to know why nearly 500 companies use WhereScape RED as their data warehousing IDE, you can see what the analysts have to say about WhereScape, its products and its commitment to the data warehousing market.


Use Cases  

WhereScape customers - nearly 500, worldwide - use WhereScape RED in a wide variety of BI-related situations, including:

  • Agile Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence: WhereScape customers committed to implementing agile methods and practices find WhereScape RED ideally suited to their needs. Agility is built into WhereScape RED.
  • Rapid Prototyping: WhereScape customers use RED’s Live Prototyping™ facilities to build, populate and test target schema, with users, in rapid iteration cycles, before manual implementation of those target schema in production environments.
  • Production-Ready Enterprise Data Warehouse: Using both purchased enterprise data models and manually-designed normal-form enterprise data warehouse schema, WhereScape customers have used RED to build, deploy and operate full-scale enterprise data warehouses, with small project teams, in months, rather than years.
  • Production-Read Data Mart: Using RED’s market-leading dimensional data modeling and implementation capabilities, WhereScape customers routinely use WhereScape RED to build independent data marts and reporting systems, from multiple source systems, moving from first test extraction to working data mart in weeks.
  • User Access Layer or Tier of Dependent Marts: In environments where existing enterprise data warehouses require a user access layer, or a tier of independent data marts, to protect the enterprise data warehouse from rapidly changing or volatile end-user requirements, WhereScape customers use WhereScape RED to create user access layers and tiers of dimensional data marts from normal-form enterprise data warehouses, quickly transforming corporate information assets into user-ready dimensional data sets. 
  • Warehouse Renovation or Replacement: When an existing legacy data warehouse or mart requires extension, renovation or replacement, WhereScape customers use WhereScape RED to replicate the existing warehouse or mart in a new target environment, with enhancements as appropriate.
  • Corporate Performance Management System: when rigorous corporate performance management or business activity monitoring initiatives require high-performance, highly summarized and pre-calculated federated star schema to drive sophisticated reporting, the power of WhereScape RED to quickly build sophisticated analytic structures is highly appreciated.
  • Analytics Workstation: WhereScape RED’s compact footprint makes it ideal for WhereScape customers seeking to implement large-scale workstation-based personal data marts, for database marketing, statistical analysis and data mining. Powerful multi-core workstations running Windows-based operating systems, SQL Server, and WhereScape RED make, our customers find, ideal and affordable analytical workstations.


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