Consultancy Services

BIOLAP provides professional and qualified  finance and IT consultants with wide industry experience. We are equally comfortable liaising with board members or working with your staff in finding solutions to your problems.

Our consultancy services cover the following areas:

Please contact us for more information: +44 (01952) 456-453 or +44 (07785) 766-829


istock_000011360623xsmallOur training courses are designed to meet individual client requirements and will help to ensure the success of any of our solution implementations. All courses are scheduled  in Telford or by arrangement at the client's premises.

Training courses include the following:

Please contact us for more information: +44 (01952) 456-453 or +44 (07785) 766-829


BIOLAP prides itself on its ability to support clients fast and effectively.  We provide extensive product and solution support in the United Kingdom, consultingEurope and South Africa.

We provide first-line support and consulting assistance for supported products and solutions, subject to a Services Agreement being in place.

Where our solutions are subject to agreed warranties, BIOLAP will provide error correction to documented features of the current release build at no charge for clearly documented examples of errors that you provide and which are reproducible in our environment. Any issue that is addressed by the current release build of Products will require that you upgrade to that build.

Please contact us for more information: +44 (01952) 456-453 or +44 (07785) 766-829

Data Warehouse Design

BIOLAP provides data warehouse design and implementation services. We subscribe to Kimball's Dimensional Modelling approach - to increase the strategic use of information by our clients thereby improving margins. By gaining an understanding of your organisation's value chain we help to prioritise the project stages to create maximum value as early as possible.

Below is an example of a value chain in the insurance sector supported  by strategic data marts that form part of an overall data warehouse design:

To read further about some of the benefits that our clients in the insurance sector have reaped from our strategic data marts and well designed data warehouse solutions, click on the links below:

View - Balance Sheet Diagnostics for Insurance Intermediaries

View - Revenue Analytics for Insurance Intermediaries


BIOLAP has developed  data mart solutions for the following well known insurance broking accounting systems:

Insurance Broking System  
Brokasure Some customisation required
Impact Some customisation required
Sector Some customisation required
Sirius Some customisation required
Acturis Some customisation required

The process typically involves extracting data from an application database and staging the data in a data mart or data warehouse. We have designed and built data warehouse solutions using the Microsoft BI Stack and WhereScape Red. The data can then be reported on directly or via an OLAP application facilitating easy slicing and dicing of results.


Please contact us for more information about our data warehouse services: +44 (01952) 456-453 or +44 (07785) 766-829

Systems Implementation

BIOLAP consults on, installs, integrates and trains for the optimum use of software technology in creating solutions that help our clients make their businesses run more efficiently. Our services include the design and implementation of software and solutions based around the following products:

  • arcplan - arcplan Enterprise
  • Microsoft - Excel
  • Microsoft - SQL Server (including Analysis Sevices, Reporting Services and Integration Services)
  • PARIS Technologies - PowerOLAP
  • SAP Business Objects - Xcelsius
  • Various Accounting Systems including but not limited to - JD Edwards, Sage, SUN Accounts

Customers have also benefitted from our 're-implementation' of existing systems (including data conversion, data cleansing and data migration) rather than opting for new and often more expensive software. Very often an existing system may offer all key features but are simply not fully utilised due to insufficient  training and/or poor initial implementation.

Please contact us for more information: +44 (01952) 456-453 or +44 (07785) 766-829

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