PowerOLAP Technical Training (3-5 days)

A comprehensive technical training course covering the following:

  • install PowerOLAP
  • create multi dimensional models (cubes)
  • develop standard and custom reports for analysis, budgeting and forecasting applications
  • handle the configuration and administration of the PowerOLAP MDB Server including security
  • employ Synchronization Server for remote synchronization of PowerOLAP databases through a relational database
  • use OLAP Exchange for custom integrations with relational database applications that provide for dynamic updating of source data straight through to Excel on end-users’ desktops.
PowerOLAP Advanced Training (3 days)

A three-day intensive course that will instruct attendees in the following:

  • how to develop PowerOLAP applications using appropriate multi-cube design and architecture
  • advanced PowerOLAP formulas
  • PowerOLAP functions within the Excel interface.

This course requires strong knowledge of Excel and some practical experience using PowerOLAP.

PowerOLAP Budgeting Training (2 days)

A course that focuses specifically on the features and benefits of PowerOLAP as a budgeting application. Topics include:

  • advanced formulas
  • approaches to budgeting modeling
  • budget reporting
  • using Dependencies to ensure performance.

The methodology to set up a sample budgeting process includes such modules as HR, Expense, Capital Lease, and Revenue.

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