With our solutions you have limitless flexibility to analyse your data - viewing results according to any business parameter - entering "what if" figures and creating new models that reflect the changing nature of your business.

istock 000005190253xsmallThese are just some of the advanced analytical capabilities you will enjoy while dynamically accessing real-time data from underlying sources direct to your desktop or mobile apps.

Imagine the value of your organisational data if it could be tapped quickly, analysed multi-dimensionally and reported easily. And what if all this could be done real-time? You can organise and analyse up-to-the-instant data from your accounting system and other databases with drag-and-drop at 'double-click' speed. Period, item, style, price, territory, terms, you name it, our solutions can analyse it and report with speed and  ease. This gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Consider the types of analysis your company could benefit from when you work with unparalleled flexibility and with data right at your fingertips:

  • cash flow analysis
  • sales trend analysis
  • territory analysis
  • channel strategy development
  • product mix analysis
  • brand tracking
  • inventory projections
  • turnover analysis
  • material needs analysis, etc