BIOLAP can help you create reports that you only dreamed were possible - using real-time data and the reporting tool of your choice:

excel_icon Excel


You have unprecedented flexibility - first in arranging the data you want to view in your reports and then giving them the look you want. Working with real-time data, synchronized directly from your accounting system and other data sources, all your reports are completely up-to-date. These are benefits that can only be dreamed about if you’ve been relying on canned or consultant-built reports to date.

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BIOLAP can help you create PDF reports with Flash content that allows data to be updated in realtime without any software having to be installed on client machines.

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Our solutions also provide you with the ability to publish your reports (including Excel spreadsheets) via the web. We also have expertise in various data visualisation solutions to solve your dashboard requirements.

All your reporting needs are catered for, whether you require dashboards, production or analytical reports.

Type of Solution

Plug-and-Play Solutions
BIOLAP offers several plug-and-play solutions that will connect to your data and allow you to create reports within a few hours. Essentially, the product automatically connects to the data tables of your system and provides key financial reports such as P&L and Balance Sheet reporting out of the box.


SAP Business One
SAGE 100
SAGE 200
g - No customisation required
c - Some customisation required
Bespoke Solutions

There are many different software and database packages in use by companies covering Financial, HR, Inventory, Production, Sales and other areas. Provided that your system is ODBC compliant,  we can connect to your data and create bespoke reporting solutions for your organisation.


The process typically involves extracting data from an application database and staging the data in a data mart or data warehouse. The data can then be reported on directly or via an OLAP application facilitating easy slicing and dicing of results.


Biolap Solutions

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    Budgeting in most organisations represents an annual process. Budgets formulate in numbers the organisation's planned revenues and expenses for the Read More
  • Council Expenses Analysis +

    From 1 January 2011,  Councils in the UK are likely to be required to publish details of payments to suppliers over £500. Read More
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    Once a budget has been established (see Budgeting), the next objective is to achieve or exceed budgeted results. Forecasts are Read More
  • Reporting +

    BIOLAP can help you create reports that you only dreamed were possible - using real-time data and the reporting tool of Read More
  • Solutions +

    We develop customized planning, analysis and reporting solutions, and create the connection between relational databases (including accounting systems) and Excel Read More
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