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BIOLAP can help you create reports that you only dreamed were possible - using real-time data and the reporting tool of your choice:


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You have unprecedented flexibility - first in arranging the data you want to view in your reports and then giving them the look you want. Working with real-time data, synchronized directly from your accounting system and other data sources, all your reports are completely up-to-date. These are benefits that can only be dreamed about if you’ve been relying on canned or consultant-built reports to date.


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Our solutions also provide you with the ability to publish your reports (including Excel spreadsheets) via the web. We also have expertise in various data visualisation solutions to solve your dashboard and Mobile App Integration requirements.


All your reporting needs are catered for, whether you require dashboards, production or analytical reports.


Type of Solution

Plug-and-Play Solutions
BIOLAP offers reporting solutions for a number of accounting systems including:
    • Elite
    • SAGE
    • SAP Business One
    • Smartstream
    • SUNAccounts
Bespoke Solutions

There are many different software and database packages in use by companies covering Financial, HR, Inventory, Production, Sales and other areas. Provided that your system is ODBC compliant,  we can connect to your data and create bespoke reporting solutions for your organisation.

The process typically involves extracting data from an application database and staging the data in a data mart or data warehouse. The data can then be reported on directly or via an OLAP application facilitating easy slicing and dicing of results.